If you’ve come to read random opinions, life experiences, and other chitter chatter from a barely shy, young black Cancerian woman from South London…. you may have found a nice blog to look at.

The name is Camille, but many just call me Cam. I’m 20; currently studying English Major and Human Biology Minor (in a year that course combination will no longer exist so it’s okay if you didn’t know that was a thing) at Keele University  (I know, I know. I didn’t know where Keele was until clearing on results day).

I started this blog because I needed a slightly more formal (but relatively informal) outlet for what I do and what I get up to.

If you already know who I am and recognise me, hi! I’m quite the busybody now, eh?

If you don’t, well helloooooo there.

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P.S. I aim to make posts up to twice a month. If I fail that target….well… please feel free to remind me. But I am still a student, so ‘llow me innit?